In-depth profiles on new M&A technologies and platforms

  • Identify new capabilities to improve your M&A performance

  • Consider innovative platforms for collaboration and applying best practices

  • Reduce the amount of time absorbed by the M&A process

The M&A Technology Guide features amore than 30 providers including:

  • M&A Collaboration and Workflow Platforms
  • M&A Market Information Platforms
  • M&A Diligence and Integration Platforms
  • M&A Holdbacks and Payments Platforms

The Institute believes these new capabilities can be leveraged to help:

  • coordinate diverse M&A teams during fast-moving deal cycles
  • deliver insights during diligence through advanced analytics and data science
  • ensure standardized processes and best practices are applied
  • support compliance obligations and improve certainty to close
  • provide security, access control, and accelerated integration
  • provide security and clean room access control

The Institute selected the providers based on an assessment of their utility and applicability to support sophisticated corporate M&A and private equity teams. 

We expect the M&A Technology Guide will grow over time with additional providers and comments from Members on their experience with each platform.

Each chapter includes information on the providers' capabilities, benefits for in-house M&A professionals, reference clients, and an interview / demo of the platform.

The providers did not pay the Institute to be included in the Guide and we will not receive any referral fees if you decide to use any of these tools.

We hope the M&A Technology Guide helps our members improve their M&A process and deal performance.