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    M&A Journal Volume 8 Issue 3

    • How strategic and financial buyers are competing on deal terms

    • Adjusting due diligence and integration for the new deal environment

    • Critical steps for managing information in an M&A process

    • Tailored human capital diligence to identify operational risks

    • Negotiating protections into merger agreements

    • Negotiating risk allocation with insurers in times of uncertainty

    • Tariff and trade risks during an acquisition

    • How to mitigate antitrust risks before they capsize deals

    • Closing mechanisms to improve deal performance and reduce risks

    • How to structure a successful joint venture

    • A conversation with Al Ansari on "Unraveling the Mystery of M&A Integration and Divestiture Success"

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    M&A Journal | PDF Volume 8 Issue 3

    • M&A Journal | PDF Volume 8 Issue 3