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    M&A Journal Volume 9 Issue 1

    • A conversation with Professor Stephen G. Morrissette on M&A strategy during shaky markets

    • Do repositioning transactions outperform in a crisis?

    • Methods for improving diligence and deal terms when visibility is limited

    • Pandemic-adjusted deal terms and M&A process changes

    • How SPACs compete for deals

    • Weaving ESG considerations into the M&A process

    • CFIUS steps up pace of M&A and investment reviews

    • Addressing nascent competition issues with M&A process refinements

    • Negotiating closing conditions that bridge valuation gaps

    • Transferring known tax liabilities to a transactional insurance policy

    • Carveout transaction readiness and process best practices

    • Covid-era integration techniques for onboarding and retaining leadership

    • Identifying people-related financial challenges in M&A diligence

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    M&A Journal | PDF Volume 8 Issue 1

    • M&A Journal | PDF Volume 8 Issue 1