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    Navigating antitrust hurdles in M&A

    • Unique deal structures to mitigate global merger control and regulatory challenges (Includes a 58 minute panel discussion video)

    • Improving the M&A process to avoid antitrust challenges (Includes 56 minute video)

    • Modifications to merger review procedures may cause significant delays

    • Clarifying market definitions to battle antitrust challenges (Includes a 43 minute panel discussion video)

    • Creative methods for dealing with novel theories of antitrust harm (Includes a 57 minute panel discussion video)

    • Proposed vertical merger guidelines reserve wide latitude for the FTC and DOJ

    • How to mitigate antitrust risks before they capsize deals (Includes a 49 minute panel discussion video)

    • Addressing nascent competition issues with M&A process refinements (Includes a 43 minute panel discussion video)


The videos include panel discussions featuring such esteemed speakers as:

  • Margot Miller, Global Legal Head of M&A, Treasury, & Antitrust, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Omar Pringle, M&A Partner, Freshfields
  • Chuck Webb, Senior Antitrust Attorney, FedEx
  • Gil Ohana, Senior Director, Antitrust and Competition, Cisco Systems
  • Peter Lyons, Senior Counsel, Freshfields
  • Brendan Bowes, General Counsel, Corporate, Securities and M&A, Archer-Daniels-Midland 
  • Scott Petepiece, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
  • Michael Hartman, Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, AT&T
  • Stacy Frazier, Executive Counsel for Global Competition Law and Policy, GE
  • Jessica Delbaum, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
  • Christie Stahlke, Director & Senior Counsel for Antitrust & Competition Law, Raytheon
  • Matthew Readings, Global Antitrust Practice Group Leader, Shearman & Sterling
  • David Emanuelson, Global Antitrust Counsel, Intel Corporation
  • Ben Gris, Partner, Shearman & Sterling

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