The leading Institute for corporate M&A professionals

M&A Engineers and Mentors

The Institute brings together the most active corporate M&A leaders to consider refinements in the deal process and approaches for improving performance.

Ambitious and Curious

The Members’ enthusiasm and quest for continuous development, improvement, and innovation in the deal process is contagious and inspiring.

Unparalleled Perspective

The engaging and highly interactive programs are enriched by the sharing of experiences, war stories, and deal point innovations that have been employed in the highest-performing transactions.

Network Strength

The Members of the Institute tap into a wide breadth and depth of M&A knowledge to determine the best approaches for completing complex corporate transactions.

Independent and Data-Driven

The Institute is eminently practical, attuned to shifting market practices, and empowered by its unencumbered role as an independent knowledge platform.

Better // Smarter // Faster

The Institute empowers M&A teams to be better stewards of their transactions through a structured approach -- built on all of the best techniques and methods.

Preview of the annual M&A Conference at University of Chicago