Transaction Advisors provides in-depth information and perspective on M&A strategy and governance, transaction structuring, integration methods, regulation and litigation, valuation and deal-related finance, accounting, and tax considerations through a collection of white papers, technical articles, research studies, and reports from our M&A Conference Series.


Mitigating global merger control and regulatory challenges
Mr. Peter D. Lyons & Mr. Chuck Webb & Mr. Gil Ohana & Mr. Brendan Bowes

New research compares M&A strategies and overall shareholder returns
Mr. Jeff Rudnicki & Mr. Andy West & Ms. Kate Siegel

Diligence methods for uncovering bribery and corruption risk in cross border deals
Mr. Ryan Murphy & Ms. Jelena Guzenko & Mr. Lenny (Arslan) El Guindy & Mr. Derek Vander Heide

Managing spinoff transactions with a sophisticated tax overlay
Ms. Cathy Birkeland & Mr. Mark Gerstein & Mr. Ryan Maierson & Mr. Laurence Stein & Ms. Pardis Zomorodi

Innovation in deal structures and forms of consideration
Ms. Elizabeth Donley & Mr. Brett Shawn & Mr. Michael Wolf

Techniques for realizing value from innovation driven acquisitions
Mr. Don Dawson & Mr. Rocky Daehler & Mr. James Harris & Mr. Andrey Galiuk

Understanding recent scrutiny of mootness fee settlements in federal M&A lawsuits
Mr. Robert R. Long & Mr. Andrew Sumner

Methods for avoiding abandoned acquisitions
Mr. Matt Porzio & Ms. Sarah Arendsen & Mr. Hugo Dubovoy & Mr. Jared Sine

Transaction insurance reshapes risk negotiations and post-close remedies
Ms. Elizabeth Cunnane & Mr. Saswat Bohidar & Mr. Christian McGrath

The effect of a pro-sandbagging clause on a fraud claim
Mr. Bryan M. Westhoff

Carveout transactions present opportunities and execution challenges
Mr. Gregg Albert & Mr. Sergio Letelier & Mr. Chandradev Mehta & Mr. Kevin Freeman

Linking integration and financial metrics around synergy targets
Mr. David Smalstig & Ms. Dawn White & Ms. Eileen Kamerick & Mr. Ken Kotylo

Understanding the Chancery Court’s guidance on duty to warn of an impending merger agreement termination
Mr. Jason Halper & Mr. William P. Mills & Mr. Joshua Apfelroth

Using culture to improve M&A performance
Mr. Jeff Black & Ms. Elizabeth Martin & Ms. Gina Sandon & Mr. Jim Terpstra & Ms. Ana Dutra

M&A Conferences

The cross-disciplinary agenda draws on experienced M&A professionals from various industries and regions to share first-hand experiences, best practices, and recommendations for navigating deals through both internal and external challenges.
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