Complete this M&A course to:

  • Avoid strategic missteps in M&A negotiations

  • Head-off risks to realizing the economic benefit of a transaction

  • Limit uncertainty and post closing disputes

Curriculum | M&A Negotiation Master Class

Friday, May 12, 2023
10:00am - 4:30pm (CST)
Live Online 

M&A negotiation principles

  • Understanding personas and deal dynamics
  • Establishing trust, building coalitions, and communicating persuasively
  • Planning and implementing a distributive negotiation strategy
  • Understanding decision-making frameworks in negotiations
  • Defining bottom lines and deal targets / BATNAs
  • Setting expectations for negotiation outcomes
  • Determining the counter parties decision structures
  • Exercise: self-assessment of your negotiating style

Forming a negotiation team for each deal

  • Negotiating in multi-party situations
  • Negotiating deals in an accelerated process
  • Negotiating deals in a slow process or with an extended close period
  • Negotiating acquisitions with current business or JV partners
  • Negotiating deals during a rapidly changing environment
  • Navigating deals with founder dynamics
  • Working with emotional counterparties

Advanced negotiation methods

  • Understanding the effect of culture on M&A negotiation
  • Working with risk averse or emotional negotiators
  • Trust and ethics in negotiation / deal with lying
  • Dealing with deal leaks / leaking deals to influence the negotiation process
  • Effective negotiations with the counterparties M&A advisors
  • Understand interests, rights, and approaches to dispute resolution
  • Dealmaking simulation: participate in a multicultural, multiparty, multi-issue simulation

Upon completion you will receive 5.5 CLE credit hours (if applicable) and a Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of Completion for LinkedIn

You will also be invited to join a confidential discussion space for exchanging ideas, best practices, recommendations, and information with other M&A Master Class alumni.  

Faculty | M&A Negotiation Master Class

Sergio Letelier is Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Development at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Previously, he was Deputy General Counsel - Corporate, Securities and M&A, which included responsibility for Corporate Compliance and Governance matters as well as support for HPE’s worldwide Tax Department around corporate restructurings.

Mr. Letelier joined HP France’s legal department in 2002 as corporate lawyer. He subsequently joined HP’s Corporate, Securities and M&A EMEA section in 2004 and worked on a variety of M&A transactions, integrations, restructurings and governance matters before assuming the role of Corporate, Securities and M&A International Operations Director in 2008.

He earned a Master’s and a Postgraduate degree in Law from the University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne, a Master of Laws from the University of Cologne in Germany, and a Postgraduate degree in taxes and international financial strategy from HEC Paris.

He has been teaching for the Transaction Advisors Institute since 2018.

  • I have had the opportunity to take multiple negotiations courses throughout my professional career and this one is by far the best! Content included a myriad of practical tools to use, various frameworks with which to apply those tools, and most importantly, negotiating strategies and scenarios. Excellent course that I highly recommend!

    Director, Corporate Development at ONEOK

  • Enjoyed learning and connecting with others through real stories of the issues others have faced and the potential solutions to navigate sticky situations. It helped to not only validate a lot of what I had been intuitively doing so far in my career, but also provided a more holistic toolkit for me to apply going forward.

    Corporate Development - Senior Deal Lead at Block

  • This class opened my eyes to negotiating techniques that I wasn't aware of.

    Manager, Corporate Strategy & Development at Masco


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