This collection of white papers, technical articles, research studies, and videos focuses on methods for evaluating and integrating brands during an acquisition, including the impact on the target's culture and value proposition.

Managing acquired brands and their cultural identity

Nishad Chande, Senior Managing Director, CVC
Jelena Guzenko, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Americas, Siemens Energy
Justin Smith, Director of Corporate Development Integration, Google
Tiffany Vasilchik, Chief Growth Officer, Landor

Scope-oriented M&A planning for brand-driven acquisitions

Peter Horsley, Partner, Bain & Company
Allison Snider, Partner, Bain & Company
Brian McRoskey, Partner, Bain & Company

Brand-driven acquisition structures and integration approaches

Felipe Heiderich, Senior Counsel, Moderna
Lisa Hageman, General Counsel, Diageo
Stacey Allen, Global Head of Brand Strategy and Identity, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Alice Cherry, Vice President - Global Head of Brand & Digital Strategy, S&P Global
Thomas Ordahl, Chief Strategy Officer, Landor

Methods for integrating marketing and brand in M&A

Alex Liu, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Nikolaus Raberger, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Andy Rinaldi, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Christian Sawaryn, Partner, McKinsey & Company