This in-depth M&A course provides guidance on strategy, material negotiation issues, and managing the deal process

  • Develop a clear M&A thesis to maximize the economic benefit of a transaction

  • Properly identify the risks associated with a transaction and manage exposure to liabilities

  • Reduce the amount of time absorbed by the M&A process and improve certainty of execution

September 12 & 13, 2023


I. M&A Strategy & Process Management

  • Strategy development with the business
  • Developing a clear and testable growth thesis
  • Identifying and cultivating appropriate acquisition targets
  • Defining roles and key milestones in the M&A process
  • Drafting indications of interest / letters of intent / setting the tone
  • Managing decision bias; setting walk away frameworks
  • Negotiation tactics and process / auction dynamics

II. M&A Valuation & Diligence

  • Valuation models and stress testing the business case
  • Tactics to increase accuracy and validity of synergy estimates
  • Earn-out formulations and contingent consideration mechanisms
  • Linking the deal thesis and value drivers to the diligence process
  • Allocating diligence responsibility to advisors and internal teams
  • Conducting commercial, financial, operational, and organizational diligence
  • Diligence reports and risks of confirmation bias

III. M&A Governance and Closing

  • Finalizing the deal theses with diligence results and integration frameworks
  • Identifying common mistakes and pitfalls in synergy realization plans
  • Determining deal performance metrics; plans for post-closing reviews
  • Managing the final 'go forward' or 'abandon' decision process
  • Accounting principles and net working capital adjustments
  • Escrows and contingent consideration payments
  • Post-closing purchase price adjustments


Professor Morrissette is a Visiting Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he teaches Merger & Acquisition Strategy. 

His 30 years of practitioner expertise include various CFO roles where he was responsible for M&A and post-merger integration.

His academic career includes 15 years of full-time teaching where his expertise includes Strategic Planning, M&A, and Capital Planning. 

Who Should Attend

The M&A Academy is designed for corporate development professionals, strategy leaders, in-house M&A counsel, integration specialists, senior financial analysts, and business executives that are involved in devising and/or executing mergers and acquisitions.

This M&A Academy is not designed for advisors or service providers.


The M&A Academy at Cornell Tech New York will run:

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 from 8:30am - 5:30pm EST

     - A wine reception & dinner will take place following class.

 Wednesday, September 13, 2022 from 8:30am - 12pm EST

Awarded Upon Completion

M&A Tombstone

You will receive a tombstone for your desk, 10.25 CLE and/or 12.25 CPE credits (if applicable), and course certification for LinkedIn.

You will also be invited to join a confidential discussion space for exchanging ideas, best practices, recommendations, and information with other M&A Academy alumni.


"The M&A Academy really taught me how to bestM&A Academy at the University of Chicago 2022 Classroom translate my company's broader objectives into a cohesive M&A strategy. I've already put material from this M&A course into practice at my company.”
Corporate Development Director

“This is an excellent M&A course - Professor Morrissette shares best practices and provides great ideas to help you improve your M&A process to add value at your organization. The class discussions and events after class provide great opportunities to learn from the experiences of other M&A practitioners.”
Senior Manager, Corporate Development

“The M&A Academy is a great way to get up to speed with how corporate development professionals outside your firm think and to learn about industry practices.”
M&A Integration Manager

“Prof. Morrisette has deep knowledge and real-world experience of M&A and presents this complex topic in a logical and effective manner. I would highly recommend this M&A course to any individual or team looking to improve planning and execution of the corporate development process.”
Chief Executive Officer

“Engaging context with practical, real life experiences to help the M&A 'boots on the ground' practitioner.”
Director, Corporate M&A

“An excellent time spent away from the office, to come together to learn, share, and expand knowledge surrounding the M&A process. The attendee's were diverse - multiple different backgrounds, industries, etc - that it enabled great discussion, learnings and new found LinkedIn connections. Overall, I would definitely recommend this M&A course!”
Integration Management Office Manager

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